Self-Determination Theory Basic Psychological Needs in Motivation, Development, and Wellness Richard M. Ryan and Edward L. Deci
756 Pages
Size: 7" x 10"
February 14, 2017
ISBN 9781462528769
Price: $75.00 $63.75order
EPUB e-Book
January 20, 2017
ISBN 9781462528783
Price: $75.00 $63.75order

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Self-determination theory (SDT) provides a framework for understanding the factors that promote motivation and healthy psychological and behavioral functioning. In this authoritative work, the codevelopers of the theory comprehensively examine SDT's conceptual underpinnings (including its six mini-theories), empirical evidence base, and practical applications across the lifespan. The volume synthesizes a vast body of research on how supporting—or thwarting—people's basic needs for competence, relatedness, and autonomy affects their development and well-being. Chapters cover implications for practice and policy in education, health care, psychotherapy, sport, and the workplace.

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