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The Research Journey
Introduction to Inquiry

Sharon F. Rallis and Gretchen B. Rossman
Foreword by Thomas A. Schwandt

190 Pages
Size: 6⅛" x 9¼"
March 2012
ISBN 978-1-4625-0512-8
Cat. #0512
Price: $36.00 $30.60
March 2012
ISBN 978-1-4625-0514-2
Cat. #0514
Price: $81.00 $68.85
April 2012
ISBN 978-1-4625-0685-9
PDF format
Price: $36.00 $30.60

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Designed to foster "inquiry-mindedness," this book prepares graduate students to develop a conceptual framework and conduct inquiry projects that are linked to ongoing conversations in a field. The authors examine different ways of knowing and show how to identify a research question; build arguments and support them with evidence; make informed design decisions; engage in reflective, ethical practices; and produce a written proposal or report. Each chapter opens with a set of critical questions, followed by a dialogue among five fictional graduate students exploring questions and concerns about their own inquiry projects; these issues are revisited throughout the chapter. Other useful features include end-of-chapter learning activities for individual or group use.

Useful pedagogical features include:
  • Framing questions for exploration and reflection.
  • Chapter-opening dialogues that bring in perspectives from multiple disciplines.
  • Example boxes with detailed cases and questions for the reader.
  • End-of-chapter activities and experiential exercises that guide readers to develop their own inquiry projects.
  • Suggestions for further reading.
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