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Journal of Systemic Therapies

Edited by Jim Duvall
The Hincks-Dellcrest Institute

ISSN: 1195-4396
Volume 33, 2014
Issues Per Year: 4

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An excellent resource, this practice-oriented journal presents ideas that are provocative and methods that work with families, individuals, and groups. Journal of Systemic Therapies explores the latest concepts in such areas as the brief therapies, solution-focused models, relational, therapeutic conversations, and narrative therapy. This journal is a solid teaching tool, accessibly written with a major focus on techniques. Topics addressed in recent issues include:
  • Narrative ideas in family-centered services
  • Process illumination and the reflecting team
  • Solution-oriented classroom management for young children
The journal offers clinically relevant, reader-friendly articles, as well as interviews with leading clinicians in the field. Special issues focus on important topics, such as Community Approaches to Problems and Therapeutic Conversations 1: A Twentieth Anniversary Reflection.
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