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If you are outside the United States, in a country where Guilford has an exclusive distributor, please contact that company. If there is non-exclusive distribution, you may order from Guilford or from your preferred source. Following is a list of our major distributors. For territories not covered on this list, please see the information regarding direct orders at the bottom of this page.

Prices may vary. Specials and discounts offered on this website are applicable in the U.S. and Canada only, and only on orders placed with Guilford.

To order periodicals from outside the U.S. and Canada, please see our Periodical Ordering Information Page for more information.

Exclusive Distributors:

  • Europe and the United Kingdom; Central Africa (including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Malawi)
  • Australia/New Zealand
  • Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, China, and Hong Kong
  • South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, and Botswana
  • Taiwan

Non-exclusive Distributors:

Customers in areas where we do not have exclusive distributors may order directly from Guilford or from any of the contacts listed below via our online ordering system, phone, mail, or fax. We can ship to any freight forwarder in the United Sates or we can ship direct. Orders shipped direct are sent via air and then placed with the local mail service.

For direct orders with Guilford, please contact Renee Blanco in Customer Service.

    Renee Blanco
    International Sales Specialist
    Phone: 1-212-431-9800, ext. 223
    Fax: 1-212-966-6708
    Email: renee.blanco@guilford.com

  • Canada
      Login Canada
      300 Saulteaux Crescent
      Winnipeg, MB R3J 3T2
      Phone: 800-665-1148
      Fax: 800-665-0103
      Email: orders@lb.ca
  • India
      Sales Representative:
      Ish Dawar
      Disvan Enterprises
      Mayfair Gardens
      25 Mayfair Apartments
      New Delhi India 110 016
      Email: ishcdawar@disvan.com
  • Japan
      Maruzen Company Ltd.
      Book Import Division
      PO Box 5050 Tokyo International
      Tokyo 100-3191 Japan
      Phone: 81 3 3763 2259
      Fax: 81 3 3763 2830

      United Publishers Services Ltd.
      1-32-5 Higashi Shinagawa
      Tokyo Japan 140-0002
      Phone: 81354797256
      Fax: 81354797260

      My Book Service Inc.
      AOI Building
      2-5-8 Sarugaku Chiyoda
      Chiyoda Tokyo 101 Japan
      Phone: 81 3 3295 0402
      Fax: 81 3 3294 6179

  • Korea
      Information and Culture Korea (ICK)
      473-19 Seokyo-dong, Mapu-ku
      Seoul 121-842, Korea
      Phone: +82-2-3141-4791
      Fax: +82-2-3141-7733
      Email: cs.ick@ick.co.kr
  • Middle East
  • Pakistan
      Sales Representative:
      Tahir M Lodhi
      14-G Canalberg H.S., Multan Road
      Lahore-53700, Pakistan
      OX28 9JL
      Oxfordshire, UK
      Phone: +92-42-35292168
      Fax: +92-42-35882651
  • South and Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean
      Sales Representative:
      Ethan Atkin
      Cranbury Books LLC
      7 Clarendon Ave
      Suite 2
      Montpelier, VT 05602
      Phone: 802-223-6565
      Fax: 802-223-6824
      Email: eatkin@cranburyinternational.com

A number of Guilford titles are co-published outside of the U.S. and Canada by other publishing companies. These titles are available through Guilford in the U.S. and Canada only. To see if this restriction applies, see the product page for the item you wish to order.
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