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Behavioral and Emotional Disorders in Adolescents
Nature, Assessment, and Treatment

Edited by David A. Wolfe and Eric J. Mash

719 Pages
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October 2008
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I. Introduction

1. Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Adolescents: Overview and Issues, David A. Wolfe and Eric J. Mash

2. Development and Psychopathology in Adolescence, Grayson N. Holmbeck, Deborah Friedman, Mona Abad, and Barbara Jandasek

3. Interventions for Adolescent Psychopathology: Linking Treatment and Prevention, Jody Kamon, Patrick H. Tolan, and Deborah Gorman-Smith

II. Externalizing Disorders

4. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Russell A. Barkley

5. Conduct Problems, Robert J. McMahon and Julie S. Kotler

6. Substance Use Disorders, Sandra A. Brown and Ana M. Abrantes

III. Internalizing Disorders

7. Anxiety Disorders, Philip C. Kendall, Kristina A. Hedtke, and Sasha G. Aschenbrand

8. Mood Disorders, Karen D. Rudolph, Constance Hammen, and Shannon E. Daley

9. Suicidal and Nonsuicidal Self-Harm Behaviors, David B. Goldston, Stephanie Sergent Daniel, and Elizabeth Mayfield Arnold

IV. Developmental Disorders

10. Mental Retardation, Robert M. Hodapp, Ellie Kazemi, Beth A. Rosner, and Elisabeth M. Dykens

11. Learning Disabilities, Orly Lipka and Linda S. Siegel

12. Autism Spectrum Disorders, Steven G. Spector and Fred R. Volkmar

V. Personality and Health-Related Disorders

13. Personality Disorders, Jeffrey G. Johnson, Elizabeth Bromley, Robert F. Bornstein, and Joel R. Sneed

14. Eating Disorders, James Lock and Daniel le Grange

15. Health and Chronic Illness, Ronald T. Brown, Alexandra Boeving, Angela LaRosa, and Laura Arnstein Carpenter

VI. Gender Identity and Sexual Disorders

16. Gender Identity Disorder, Kenneth J. Zucker

17. Sexual Risk Behavior, Beth A. Kotchick, Lisa Armistead, and Rex L. Forehand

18. Deviant Sexual Behavior, Howard E. Barbaree and Calvin M. Langton

VII. Maltreatment and Trauma

19. Relationship Violence, Ernest N. Jouriles, David A. Wolfe, Edward Garrido, and Anna McCarthy

20. Abuse and Trauma, David A. Wolfe, Jennine S. Rawana, and Deborah Chiodo

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