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Best Practices in Writing Instruction
Second Edition

Edited by Steve Graham, Charles A. MacArthur, and Jill Fitzgerald

444 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
March 2013
ISBN 978-1-4625-1008-5
Cat. #1008
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March 2013
ISBN 978-1-4625-1009-2
Cat. #1009
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March 2013
ISBN 978-1-4625-1010-8
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Includes Common Core Content

I. Designing Writing Programs

1. Designing an Effective Writing Program, Steve Graham and Karen R. Harris

2. Writing Instruction in Preschool and Kindergarten, David L. Coker, Jr.

3. Best Practices in Teaching Writing for College and Career Readiness, Dolores Perin

II. Types and Purposes of Writing

4. A Developmental Approach to Teaching Narrative Composition, Anne McKeough

5. Best Practices in Teaching Argumentative Writing, Ralph P. Ferretti and William E. Lewis

6. Best Practices in Teaching Informative Writing from Sources, George E. Newell, Jennifer VanDerHeide, and Melissa Wilson

7. Best Practices in Writing to Learn, Perry D. Klein and Amy Meichi Yu

III. Strategies for Teaching and Learning in Writing

8. Best Practices in Teaching Planning for Writing, Cindy Lassonde and Janet C. Richards

9. Best Practices in Teaching Evaluation and Revision, Charles A. MacArthur

10. Best Practices in Sentence Construction Skills, Bruce Saddler

11. Best Practices in Spelling and Handwriting, Bob Schlagal

12. Best Practices in Promoting Motivation for Writing, Pietro Boscolo and Carmen Gelati

13. Best Practices in Using Technology to Support Writing, Rachel Karchmer-Klein

14. Best Practices in Writing about Text, Timothy Shanahan

15. Best Practices in Writing Assessment for Instruction, Robert C. Calfee and Roxanne Greitz Miller

IV. Special Populations

16. Best Practices in Teaching Writing to English Learners: Reducing Constraints to Facilitate Writing Development, Carol Booth Olson, Robin Scarcella, and Tina Matuchniak

17. Writing Instruction within a Response-to-Intervention Framework: Prospects and Challenges for Elementary and Secondary Classrooms, Gary A. Troia

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