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Collaborative Treatment of Traumatized Children and Teens
The Trauma Systems Therapy Approach

Glenn N. Saxe, B. Heidi Ellis, and Julie B. Kaplow

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June 2009
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1. Introduction: Trauma Systems Therapy for Child Traumatic Stress

I. Foundations

2. Survival Circuits: How Traumatic Stress Is about Survival-in-the-Moment

3. The Regulation of Emotional States: How Child Traumatic Stress Is a Disorder of the Regulation of Emotional States

4. The Social Environment and the System of Care: Traumatic Stress Responses Are Embedded in a Social Context

5. Signals of Care: The Importance of Caring Relationships for Traumatized Children

II. Getting Started

6. Ten Treatment Principles: The Principles That Guide TST

7. Assessment: How to Assess Child Traumatic Stress

8. Treatment Planning: How to Plan for Child Traumatic Stress Interventions

9. The Treatment Team: How to Build a Multidisciplinary Treatment Team (and Keep It Going!)

III. Doing Trauma Systems Therapy

10. Ready–Set–Go!: How to Engage a Family in TST

11. Stabilization on Site: Community-Based Care to Help Kids Stay in Their Homes and Schools

12. Systems Advocacy: Integrating Advocacy into Critical Treatment

13. Psychopharmacology: How Psychopharmacology Is Integrated within TST

14. Emotion Regulation Skills: How to Help Children Regulate Emotional States

15. Cognitive Processing Skills: How to Help Children Think and Talk about Their Traumatic Experiences

16. Meaning-Making Skills: How to Help Children Make Meaning Out of Their Traumatic Experiences and Move On with Their Lives

17. Conclusions: Leaving a Better System


TST Treatment Planning Form

Weekly TST Check-In

TST Treatment Fidelity Form

Emotion Regulation Guide

Cognitive Coping Log

Systems Advocacy Screener

Goal-Setting Guide

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