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Daily News, Eternal Stories
The Mythological Role of Journalism

Jack Lule

245 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
January 2001
ISBN 978-1-57230-606-6
Cat. #0606
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Introduction. Front-Page Myths: The News Story

I. The Story of the News Story

1. Seven Master Myths in the News: Eternal Stories

2. The Mythological Role of Journalism: Stories for Society

II. Case Studies of News as Myth

3. The Victim: Leon Klinghoffer and News of Tragedy

4. The Scapegoat: The Killing of Huey Newton and Degrading Political Radicals

5. The Hero: Mark McGwire and "Godding Up" U.S. Celebrities

6. The Good Mother: Mother Teresa and the Human Interest Story

7. The Trickster: Race, the News, and the Rape of Mike Tyson

8. The Other World: Haiti and International News Values

9. The Flood: Hurricane Mitch and News of Disasters

Conclusion. News, Myth, and Society: Twelve Propositions

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