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Empathic Accuracy

Edited by William Ickes

352 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
January 1997
ISBN 978-1-57230-161-0
Cat. #0161
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Introduction, William Ickes

1. Communicative Genes and the Evolution of Empathy, Ross Buck and Benson Ginsburg

2. Physiological Aspects of Emotional Knowledge and Rapport, Robert W. Levenson and Anna M. Ruef

3. The Development of Empathic Accuracy, Nancy Eisenberg, Bridget C. Murphy, and Stephanie Shepard

4. When Women's Intuition Isn't Greater than Men's, Tiffany Graham and William Ickes

5.Personality and Empathic Accuracy, Mark H. Davis and Linda A. Kraus

6. Why Do Friends Understand Each Other Better than Strangers Do?, C. Randall Colvin, Dawne S. Vogt, and William Ickes

7. Empathic Accuracy in Close Relationships, Geoff Thomas and Garth J. O. Fletcher

8. Managing Empathic Accuracy in Close Relationships, William Ickes and Jeffry A. Simpson

9.Empathic Accuracy and Marital Conflict Resolution, Victor L. Bissonnette, Caryl E. Rusbult, and Shelley D. Kilpatrick

10. Studying Empathic Accuracy in a Clinically Relevant Context, William Ickes, Carol Marangoni, and Stella Garcia

11.Automatic and Controlled Empathy, Sara Hodges and Daniel M. Wegner

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