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Executive Function in Education
From Theory to Practice

Edited by Lynn Meltzer

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March 2010
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I. Executive Function: Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks

1. Executive Function: Binding together the Definitions of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disabilities, Martha Bridge Denckla

2. "Hill, Skill, and Will": Executive Function from a Multiple-Intelligences Perspective, Seana Moran and Howard Gardner

3. Executive Capacities from a Developmental Perspective, Jane Holmes Bernstein and Deborah P. Waber

4. Connecting Cognitive Science and Neuroscience to Education: Potentials and Pitfalls in Inferring Executive Processes, Kurt W. Fischer and Samantha G. Daley

II. Executive Function Difficulties in Different Diagnostic Groups: Challenges of Identification and Treatment

5. Executive Function Difficulties and Learning Disabilities: Understandings and Misunderstandings, Lynn Meltzer and Kalyani Krishnan

6. Nonverbal Learning Disabilities and Executive Function: The Challenges of Effective Assessment and Learning, Judith A. Stein and Kalyani Krishnan

7. Executive Dysfunction in Autism Spectrum Disorders: From Research to Practice, Sally Ozonoff and Patricia L. Schetter

III. Interventions to Address Executive Function Processes

8. Executive Function in the Classroom: Embedding Strategy Instruction into Daily Teaching Practices, Lynn Meltzer, Laura Sales Pollica, and Mirit Barzillai

9. Executive Control of Reading Comprehension in the Elementary School, Irene West Gaskins, Eric Satlow, and Michael Pressley

10. Addressing Executive Function Problems in Writing: An Example from the Self-Regulated Strategy Development Model, Steve Graham, Karen R. Harris, and Natalie Olinghouse

11. The Strategic Math Classroom: Executive Function Processes and Mathematics Learning, Bethany N. Roditi and Joan Steinberg

12. Teaching Metacognitive Strategies That Address Executive Function Processes within a Schoolwide Curriculum, Irene West Gaskins and Michael Pressley

13. Deficits in Executive Function Processes: A Curriculum-Based Intervention, David Rose and Katherine Rose

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