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Knowledge Development in Early Childhood
Sources of Learning and Classroom Implications

Edited by Ashley M. Pinkham, Tanya Kaefer, and Susan B. Neuman

270 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
June 2012
ISBN 978-1-4625-0499-2
Cat. #0499
Price: $40.00 $34.00
June 2012
ISBN 978-1-4625-0504-3
EPUB format
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“The book not only offers a good analysis of relevant research on children’s developmental experiences, but also describes practical applications for those involved in preschool and primary grade level teaching and learning….This book would be valuable for pre-service undergraduates, graduate students, and those wanting an overview of current evidence-based approaches to helping young children acquire knowledge….Recommended. Undergraduate, all levels, and graduate collections.”


“An excellent volume that reviews current research and discusses its implications for practice and policy. Broad in scope, rich in depth, and anchored by contributions from noted scholars, this book is a 'must read' for those teaching and learning about how knowledge is developed and used.”

—Sharon Lynn Kagan, EdD, Virginia and Leonard Marx Professor of Early Childhood and Family Policy; Co-Director, National Center for Children and Families, Teachers College, Columbia University

“Too often, students in early childhood education classes are true believers in either play or direct instruction. This thoughtful volume goes beyond tired debates and moves early childhood education in a fruitful direction by offering sophisticated analyses of relevant recent research on children’s developmental experiences. I would use this book with my doctoral students in applied developmental psychology; the multiple implications for practice also make it suitable for advanced undergraduates interested in teaching young children. In addition, I will recommend this book to research colleagues because of its excellent compilations of empirically based knowledge.”

—Carollee Howes, PhD, Division of Psychological Studies in Education, University of California, Los Angeles

“This book is unique in drawing on scholars from both psychology and education to provide a really wide window onto an important topic. It will be useful for anyone concerned with children’s learning who wants a good overview of current empirical approaches, and also would be ideal for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in cognitive psychology or education. Perspectives are offered on how children acquire knowledge from a variety of sources—from the testimony of others, to the arts, to specific curricula. The succinct chapters provide a mix of current and classic literature, creating excellent jumping-off points for exploring each area more deeply. A terrific overview.”

—Angeline Lillard, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Virginia
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