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Other Minds
How Humans Bridge the Divide between Self and Others

Edited by Bertram F. Malle and Sara D. Hodges

354 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
January 2007
ISBN 978-1-59385-468-3
Cat. #5468
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July 2005
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I. Questions about the Phenomenon

1. Executive Functioning and Children's Theories of Mind, Louis J. Moses

2. Three Puzzles of Mindreading, Bertram F. Malle

3. A "Constituent" Approach to the Study of Perspective Taking: What Are Its Fundamental Elements?, Mark H. Davis

4. Starting without Theory: Confronting the Paradox of Conceptual Development, Daniel D. Hutto

II. Reading Behavior, Reading Minds

5. Is There a "Social Brain"?: Lessons from Eye-Gaze Following, Joint Attention, and Autism, Diego Fernandez-Duque and Jodie A. Baird

6. Visual Cues as Evidence of Others' Minds in Collaborative Physical Tasks, Susan R. Fussell, Robert E. Kraut, Darren Gergle, and Leslie D. Setlock

7. Attributing Motives to Other People, Glenn D. Reeder and David Trafimow

8. Explanatory Coherence and Goal-Based Knowledge Structures in Making Dispositional Inferences, Stephen J. Read and Lynn C. Miller

III. Reading One's Own Mind, Reading Other Minds

9. Perspective Taking as the Royal Avenue to Empathy, Jean Decety

10. Everyday Solutions to the Problem of Other Minds: Which Tools Are Used When?, Daniel R. Ames

11. Mental Simulation: Royal Road to Other Minds?, Josef Perner and Anton Kühberger

12. Why Self-Ascriptions Are Difficult and Develop Late, Radu J. Bogdan

IV. Language and Other Minds

13. Language as the Route into Other Minds, Janet Wilde Astington and Eva Filippova

14. Representation of the Interlocutor's Mind during Conversation, Marjorie Barker and T. Givón

15. Conceptual Alignment in Conversation, Michael F. Schober

16. On the Inherent Ambiguity of Traits and Other Mental Concepts, James S. Uleman

V. Limits of Mindreading

17. Mindreading in an Exotic Case: The Normal Adult Human, Dale J. Barr and Boaz Keysar

18. Empathy Gaps in Emotional Perspective Taking, Leaf Van Boven and George Loewenstein

19. Is How Much You Understand Me in Your Head or Mine?, Sara D. Hodges

20. Empathic Accuracy and Inaccuracy in Close Relationships, William Ickes, Jeffry A. Simpson, and Minda Oriña

21. Theory of Mind in Schizophrenia, Robyn Langdon

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