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Principles and Practice of Stress Management
Third Edition

Edited by Paul M. Lehrer, Robert L. Woolfolk, and Wesley E. Sime
Foreword by David H. Barlow

734 Pages
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September 2008
ISBN 978-1-60623-000-8
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I. Introduction

1. Conceptual Issues Underlying Stress Management, Robert L. Woolfolk, Paul M. Lehrer, and Lesley A. Allen

2. Psychophysiological Mechanisms of Stress: A Foundation for the Stress Management Therapies, Angele McGrady

3. The Psychology of Relaxation, Jonathan C. Smith

II. Stress Management Methods

A. Muscle Relaxation

4. Progressive Relaxation: Origins, Principles, and Clinical Applications, F. J. McGuigan and Paul M. Lehrer

5. Progressive Relaxation: Abbreviated Methods, Douglas A. Bernstein, Charles R. Carlson, and John E. Schmidt

B. Hypnotic Methods

6. Hypnosis in the Management of Pain and Stress: Mechanisms, Findings, and Procedures, Robert A. Karlin

7. The Autogenic Training Method of J. H. Schultz, Wolfgang Linden

8. Autogenic Feedback Training in Psychophysiological Therapy and Stress Management, Patricia A. Norris, Steven L. Fahrion, and Leo O. Oikawa

C. Biofeedback

9. Psychophysiological Perspectives on Stress-Related and Anxiety Disorders, Richard N. Gevirtz

10. Biofeedback Training to Increase Heart Rate Variability, Paul M. Lehrer

11. Neurofeedback for Stress Management, Michael Thompson and Lynda Thompson,

D. Breathing Retraining and Exercise

12. Whole-Body Breathing: A Systems Perspective on Respiratory Retraining, Jan van Dixhoorn

13. Exercise Therapy for Stress Management, Wesley E. Sime

E. Methods Based on Eastern Meditative and Therapeutic Disciplines

14. Modern Forms of Mantra Meditation, Patricia Carrington

15. Mindfulness Meditation, Jean L. Kristeller

16. Qigong Therapy for Stress Management, Kevin W. Chen

17. Yoga as a Therapeutic Intervention, Sat Bir S. Khalsa

F. Cognitive Methods

18. Cognitive Approaches to Stress and Stress Management, James L. Pretzer and Aaron T. Beck

19. Stress Inoculation Training: A Preventative and Treatment Approach, Donald Meichenbaum

G. Other Methods

20. Music Therapy: Applications to Stress Management, Cheryl Dileo and Joke Bradt

21. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and Stress: Research, Theory, and Practical Suggestions, Lee Hyer and Bonnie Kushner

22. Pharmacological Approach to the Management of Stress and Anxiety Disorders, Laszlo A. Papp

III. Integration

23. Sport Psychophysiology and Peak Performance Applications of Stress Management, Paul Davis, Wesley E. Sime, and James Robertson

24. Differential Effects of Stress Management Therapies on Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Jonathan M. Feldman, Erika J. Eisenberg, Eduardo Gambini-Suárez, and Jack H. Nassau

25. Stress Management and Relaxation Therapies for Somatic Disorders, Nicholas D. Giardino, Angele McGrady, and Frank Andrasik

26. Research on Clinical Issues in Stress Management, Paul M. Lehrer and Robert L. Woolfolk

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