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Principles of Map Design

Judith A. Tyner

259 Pages
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March 2014
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March 2010
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I. Map Design

1. Introduction

2. Planning and Composition

3. Text Material and Typography

4. Color in Cartographic Design

II. Geographic and Cartographic Framework

5. Scale, Compilation, and Generalization

6. The Earth's Graticule and Projections

III. Symbolization

7. Basics of Symbolization

8. Symbolizing Geographic Data

9. Multivariate Mapping

IV. Nontraditional Mapping

10. Cartograms and Diagrams

11. Continuity and Change in the Computer Era

V. Critique of Maps

12. Putting It All Together

Appendix A. Commonly Used Projections

Appendix B. Resources

Appendix C. Glossary

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