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Qualitative Research
Studying How Things Work

Robert E. Stake

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March 2010
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March 2010
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Introduction: Make Yourself Comfortable

1. Qualitative Research: How Things Work

2. Interpretation: The Person as Instrument

3. Experiential Understanding: Most Qualitative Study Is Experiential

4. Stating the Problem: Questioning How This Thing Works

5. Methods: Gathering Data

6. Review of Literature: Zooming to See the Problem

7. Evidence: Bolstering Judgment and Reconnoitering

8. Analysis and Synthesis: How Things Work

9. Action Research and Self-Evaluation: Finding on Your Own How Your Place Works

10: Storytelling: Illustrating How Things Work

11. Writing the Final Report: An Iterative Convergence

12. Advocacy and Ethics: Making Things Work Better

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