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Spectral Analysis of Time-Series Data

Rebecca M. Warner

225 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
May 1998
ISBN 978-1-57230-338-6
Cat. #0338
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1. Research Questions for Time-Series and Spectral Analysis Studies

2. Issues in Time-Series Research Design, Data Collection, and Data Entry: Getting Started

3. Preliminary Examination of Time-Series Data

4. Harmonic Analysis

5. Periodogram Analysis

6. Spectral Analysis

7. Summary of Issues for Univariate Time-Series Data

8. Assessing Relationships between Two Time Series

9. Cross-Spectral Analysis

10. Applications of Bivariate Time-Series and Cross-Spectral Analyses

11. Pitfalls for the Unwary: Examples of Common Sources of Artifact

12. Theoretical Issues

Appendix A. Raw Time-Series Data

Appendix B. Critical Values for the Fisher Test of Significance for Periodogram Analysis

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