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Treating Substance Abuse
Third Edition
Theory and Technique

Edited by Scott T. Walters and Frederick Rotgers

436 Pages
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October 2013
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Introduction, Scott T. Walters and Frederick Rotgers

1. Theories of Motivation and Addictive Behavior, Gary S. Rose and Scott T. Walters

2. Motivational Interviewing in Practice, Erin M. Tooley and Theresa B. Moyers

3. The Behavioral Economics of Substance Abuse, James G. Murphy, James MacKillop, Rudy E. Vuchinich, and Jalie A. Tucker

4. Contingency Management in Substance Abuse Treatment, Jesse Dallery, Steven E. Meredith, and Alan J. Budney

5. Cognitive-Behavioral Theories of Substance Abuse, Frederick Rotgers

6. Behavioral Treatment Techniques for Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders, James S. Marinchak and Thomas J. Morgan

7. Theory of 12-Step-Oriented Treatment, John Wallace

8. Facilitating 12-Step Recovery from Substance Abuse, Joseph Nowinski

9. Theoretical Bases of Family Approaches to Substance Abuse Treatment, Barbara S. McCrady, Benjamin O. Ladd, and Kevin A. Hallgren

10. Family Therapy Techniques for Substance Abuse Treatment, Wendy K. K. Lam, Timothy J. O'Farrell, and Gary R. Birchler

11. Neurobiological Bases of Addiction Treatment, Phillip H. Chung, Julie D. Ross, Sidarth Wakhlu, and Bryon Adinoff

12. Integrating Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy in Substance Abuse Treatment, Kathleen M. Carroll and Brian D. Kiluk

13. Addressing Substance Abuse in Primary Care Settings: Screening and Brief Intervention, Kristen L. Barry and Frederic C. Blow

14. Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice: A Clinician's Perspective, Edward Rubin

15. Case Management in Substance Abuse Treatment, Allen Zweben

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