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The Behavior Education Program
A Check-In, Check-Out Intervention for Students at Risk

Leanne S. Hawken, Hollie Pettersson, Julie Mootz, and Carol Anderson

Size: x
25-Minute DVD
December 2006
ISBN 978-1-59385-416-4
Cat. #5416
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The Behavior Education Program has been a highly worthwhile and time-efficient program for at-risk students in my district. As a school psychologist, this DVD has allowed me to easily and effectively train school teams, including paraprofessionals, on the implementation steps of this dynamic intervention. I highly recommend this DVD as a training tool for a targeted intervention that works!”

—Mishele Carroll, MA, school psychologist, Granite School District, Salt Lake City, Utah

“This DVD is worth its weight in gold for trainers teaching the BEP to school staff. I recently used the DVD at a national conference with counselors, family members, and educators, and the audience was very impressed with the high quality and clear examples. All of the program components are illustrated: check-in, teacher feedback, check-out, reinforcing student progress, and home contacts. This DVD is a great example of how evidence-based practices can be presented to achieve optimal outcomes for teachers and students.”

—Douglas Cheney, PhD, College of Education, University of Washington

“As a school principal, I found this training DVD to be very informative and useful. It's ideal for use with faculty and staff in a school that is beginning to implement the BEP, or as a refresher on the program's purpose and processes. The BEP provides educators with a step-by-step program that builds positive rapport while tracking a student’s behavior on a daily basis. Students, parents, and teachers are all involved in a proactive intervention that truly works. The teachers, staff, and students at my school like using the BEP, as do I, because it has proven to be so effective.”

—Linda Rawlings, PhD, Principal, Academy Park Elementary, Granite School District, West Valley City, Utah

“This DVD presents an excellent example of an evidence-based, targeted intervention for use with a wide range of students who are challenged by the normal demands of the schooling process. The Behavior Education Program is simple to use, of proven effectiveness, and teachers like it. Thus, it is likely to be applied on a broad scale and to reach those marginalized students who need additional supports. The DVD is especially appealing in that it allows self study and mastery. It could be screened or handed to a teacher by a related services professional, and its content could then become the focus of ongoing behavioral consultation and coaching. This excellent DVD is a fine addition to the array of tools that schools need in order to accommodate at-risk students more effectively. I recommend it highly.”

—Hill M. Walker, PhD, Center on Human Development and Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior, University of Oregon
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