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Clinical Handbook of Couple Therapy
Fourth Edition

Edited by Alan S. Gurman

736 Pages
Size: 7" x 10"
June 2008
ISBN 978-1-59385-821-6
Cat. #5821
Price: $99.00 $84.15
March 2011
ISBN 978-1-60623-764-9
EPUB format
Price: $99.00 $84.15

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“Comprehensive, up-to-date, and clearly the definitive reference book in this field. His introduction, a history of couple therapy, is a pleasure to read and is sprinkled with witty and wise aphorisms....The practicing psychiatrist can garner many practical points....Although it is a reference book in which one can find specific information, one can also browse through such topics as empathy, communication, intimacy, and curative factors....Psychiatrists of any persuasion will find an abundance of valuable pearls in this reference.”

Journal of Clinical Psychiatry

“It is hard to imagine improving a classic, but Alan S. Gurman has managed to do just that. In his fourth edition of the Clinical Handbook of Couple Therapy, Gurman has contributed to and compiled a comprehensive and superbly written collection of chapters in the field of couple therapy. The book is exactly what therapists interested in couple therapy should read as they embark on a career in the field....This text is ideally suited as an introduction to couple therapy for students....This text is a must for any couples therapist's library.”

Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

“Presents an extensive overview of the theory and applied clinical practice of couple therapy. Based upon knowledgeable contributors in the field, this edited work by Alan S. Gurman provides a sound revised resource for the professional reader. As a leading authority on couple therapy. Gurman coordinates a text within his belief that the field of couple therapy will benefit by fostering more evidence-based practice, without prematurely limiting the kinds of evidence that may help to inform responsible practice.”

Sexual Disabilities

“Finding high-quality textbooks for graduate clinical application courses is often a challenge. The Clinical Handbook of Couple Therapy effectively meets that challenge by providing a well-written, comprehensive, and thorough discussion of major theoretical approaches to conducting effective psychotherapy with couples. While my emphasis for students is on being well grounded in theory, I appreciate the clinical case examples throughout the book that further explicate the theories discussed. I have used the examples as a springboard for developing other experiential learning exercises in class. I especially appreciate the chapter addressing multicultural issues in work with couples, as the authors address concerns that are less commonly brought to light. I highly recommend this book to colleagues teaching courses in marital or couple therapy.”

—Joan I. Rosenberg, PhD, clinical psychology doctoral program, Phillips Graduate Institute, Encino, California

“Gurman has been the leading authority on couple therapy as the field has matured over the past three decades. The fourth edition of this classic handbook presents the wide array of approaches that have been developed, their broad application with diverse relationship problems, and the research that supports ongoing advances. This text is indispensable for clinical training and practice.”

—Froma Walsh, PhD, Mose and Sylvia Firestone Professor Emerita, School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago, and Codirector, Chicago Center for Family Health

“Carrying on the great tradition of the earlier editions of this book, Gurman has once again put together the definitive handbook of couple therapy. Covering all of the major approaches as well as the major client and problem populations, this volume provides in-depth snapshots written by the key leaders in the field. Ideal as a text for graduate courses, it also offers senior clinicians and researchers a guide to what’s new. In addition to updated versions of the major therapy approaches, this volume adds new chapters on a comparative framework for studying couple therapies, legal and ethical issues, and the treatment of severe disorders, with special emphasis on borderline personality disorder. This is an indispensable book that should be part of the library of every couple therapist and couple therapy researcher.”

—William M. Pinsof, PhD, ABPP, President, The Family Institute at Northwestern University; Director, Center for Applied Psychological and Family Studies, Northwestern University

“This newly updated classic text remains one of the best introductions to the various schools of couple therapy and features a host of applications for specific problems.”

—Michael P. Nichols, PhD, Department of Psychology, College of William and Mary
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