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Methods in Social Neuroscience

Edited by Eddie Harmon-Jones and Jennifer S. Beer

353 Pages
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January 2009
ISBN 978-1-60623-040-4
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May 2012
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1. Introduction to Social and Personality Neuroscience Methods, Eddie Harmon-Jones and Jennifer S. Beer

2. Collaborations in Social and Personality Neuroscience, Cindy Harmon-Jones, Jennifer S. Beer, and Eddie Harmon-Jones

3. Assessment of Salivary Hormones, Oliver C. Schultheiss and Steven J. Stanton

4. Neuroendocrine Manipulation of the Sexually Dimorphic Human Social Brain, Jack van Honk

5. Facial EMG, Ursula Hess

6. The Startle Eyeblink Response, Terry D. Blumenthal and Joseph C. Franklin

7. Assessing Autonomic Nervous System Activity, Wendy Berry Mendes

8. Patient Methodologies for the Study of Personality and Social Processes, Jennifer S. Beer

9. Electroencephalographic Methods in Social and Personality Psychology, Eddie Harmon-Jones and Carly K. Peterson

10. Using Event-Related Brain Potentials in Social Psychological Research: A Brief Review and Tutorial, Bruce D. Bartholow and David M. Amodio

11. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Dennis J. L. G. Schutter

12. Using Connectionist Networks to Understand Neurobiological Processes in Social and Personality Psychology, Stephen J. Read and Brian M. Monroe

13. Molecular Biology and Genomic Imaging in Social and Personality Psychology, Turhan Canli

14. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Affective and Social Neurosciences, Tom Johnstone, M. Justin Kim, and Paul J. Whalen

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