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Self and Relationships
Connecting Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Processes

Edited by Kathleen D. Vohs and Eli J. Finkel

432 Pages
Size: 6⅛" x 9¼"
March 2006
ISBN 978-1-59385-271-9
Cat. #5271
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“If the importance of a book can be judged by how many pages are dog-eared, this is a very important book. I found myself excitedly marking almost every other page. I was thrilled by the original, sometimes ingenious, content; sophisticated methodology; and elegant style of all the contributions in what I consider an evolutionary first step and a milestone for social psychology. The contributors represent the very best that social psychology can produce.”


“Each chapter is authored by renowned scholars in the fields of relationships, self, and behavior, and the chapters are brought together into a single volume that gives a detailed overview of much empirical work being conducted on self, self-concept, and relationships, and how these components interact and affect the self....Each chapter can stand alone as a complete work within itself....The chapters complement each other and combine as a whole to create a must-have reference regarding the intersection of self and relationship development. This volume is a great tool for anyone who would like more information regarding an interdisciplinary view of the self and those processes that can affect one's self and relationships.”

The Family Psychologist

“This volume reflects state-of-the art research on the dynamic interplay between the self and relationships. Lucidly written chapters provide textured and pointed discussions on how self-processes influence interpersonal relationships and vice versa. An admirable feature of the book is that it is tightly edited: chapters are interconnected and foster continuity, with one chapter addressing issues that were raised in another. The volume is well planned, comprehensive, and generative. Importantly, it is perfectly suited for scholars in the field; as a textbook for graduate or undergraduate seminars (on self, relationships, or interpersonal processes); and even as a supplementary social psychology text for undergraduates ready for challenging work.”

—Constantine Sedikides, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Southampton, UK

“There has been a surge of interest in the interplay between the self and relationships in our empirical journals, but no comprehensive overview has been available. This timely volume satisfies that important need. It presents an impressive set of chapters examining both the influence of the self on relationship functioning and, even more uniquely, the role of relationships in shaping the self. Further, the broad conceptual definition of the self that the authors adopt gives the volume sufficient scope to be used both as an advanced undergraduate text and as a general reference book.”

—John G. Holmes, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Waterloo, Canada
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