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The Education of English Language Learners
Research to Practice

Edited by Marilyn Shatz and Louise C. Wilkinson

306 Pages
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August 2011
ISBN 978-1-4625-0330-8
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April 2010
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A Choice Outstanding Academic Title
Introduction, Marilyn Shatz and Louise C. Wilkinson

I. Early Language Experience and School Readiness

1. The Brain and Language Acquisition: Variation in Language Knowledge and Readiness for Education, Barbara T. Conboy

2. The Process of Acquiring a First and Second Language, Kathryn Kohnert and Giang Pham

3. Language Choice and Competence: Code Switching and Issues of Social Identity in Young Bilingual Children, Iliana Reyes and Susan M. Ervin-Tripp

II. Language and Literacy Principles and Practices in School

4. Ways to Words: Learning a Second-Language Vocabulary, Lisa M. Bedore, Elizabeth D. Peña, and Karin Boerger

5. The Role of Phonology in Orthographically Different Languages, Ellen H. Newman

6. Bilingualism and Cognitive Linkages: Learning to Read in Different Languages, Ellen Bialystok and Kathleen F. Peets

7. Learning English as a Second Language, María Estela Brisk

III. Assessment and Interaction: Working with Children and Families

8. Communicative Repertoires and English Language Learners, Betsy Rymes

9. Difficulty, Delay, or Disorder: What Makes English Hard for English Language Learners?, Carol Westby and Deborah A. Hwa-Froelich

10. Implications for Assessment and Instruction, Alison L. Bailey

11. Extended Implications for Practice: Families as Allies, Leslie Reese and Claude Goldenberg

12. Recent Research on English Language and Literacy Instruction: What We Have Learned to Guide Practice for English Language Learners in the 21st Century, Diane August, Claude Goldenberg, William M. Saunders, and Cheryl Dressler

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