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The Education of English Language Learners
Research to Practice

Edited by Marilyn Shatz and Louise C. Wilkinson

306 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
August 2011
ISBN 978-1-4625-0330-8
Cat. #0330
Price: $29.00 $24.65
April 2010
ISBN 978-1-60623-659-8
Cat. #3659
Price: $74.00 $62.90
March 2011
ISBN 978-1-60623-660-4
EPUB format
Price: $29.00 $24.65

A Choice Outstanding Academic Title
“The editors have assembled contributions from 12 experts on the subject of ELL education. They include the most current research available, which enhances and at times debunks traditionally held views....Despite the complex issues pertaining to ELL, the book presents them in a manner that novices can easily grasp. Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduate, graduate, research, and professional collections.”


“Perhaps no topic is of greater interest today to educational researchers, policymakers, and practitioners than how best to meet the needs of ELLs. This state-of-the-art work, presented in a lively and accessible fashion, provides a thorough and practical treatment of this topic from leading experts in the field. A 'must have' for all of us.”

—Laura M. Justice, PhD, School of Teaching and Learning, The Ohio State University

“This definitive book represents research-to-practice at its best. The contributors are cutting-edge researchers with significant practical experience. What makes the book unique is that it takes multiple perspectives—neurological, theoretical, behavioral, social, cognitive, environmental, and individual—and weaves them into a coherent and accessible tapestry, laying to rest the notion that ELLs are destined to lag behind their monolingual peers. Educators will be able to read this book and immediately begin to implement changes in their instruction. It could serve as a text in any teacher training program and could also be used in training other professionals, such as ESL instructors, reading specialists, school psychologists, and speech–language pathologists.”

—Brian A. Goldstein, PhD, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Temple University

“A 'must read' for every inservice and preservice teacher. The book is extremely well organized, with excellent continuity from one chapter to the next. The contributors are outstanding scholars who present reader-friendly chapters that cover theory, research, and best practices for the classroom. This book should be adopted as a text in an ELL course or courses that deal with teaching any content area. Kudos to the editors on this important volume.”

—Lesley Mandel Morrow, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Literacy and Chair, Department of Learning and Teaching, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
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