Behavioral Couples Therapy for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

Timothy J. O'Farrell and William Fals-Stewart

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August 16, 2006
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Listed in SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices!
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1. An Introduction to Behavioral Couples Therapy for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

2. Engaging the Couple: Initial Couple Sessions

3. Building Support for Abstinence: The Daily Recovery Contract

4. Other Support for Abstinence

5. Increasing Positive Couple and Family Activities

6. Improving Communication, Part I: Listener and Speaker Skills

7. Improving Communication, Part II: Resolving Changes, Conflicts, and Problems

8. Continuing Recovery: Maintenance and Relapse Prevention

9. Challenges in BCT, Part I: Separated and Dual-Problem Couples

10. Challenges in BCT, Part II: Violence and Other Issues

11. Enhancements to BCT

12. Implementing BCT in the Real World

Appendix A. A 12-Session BCT Treatment Manual

Appendix B. Posters Used in BCT

Appendix C. Forms Used in BCT

Appendix D. Suggested Resources