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Welcome to the Guilford Press Foreign Rights and Translations page. If you are interested in acquiring translation rights to a Guilford title, this page is designed to provide the information you need. Below you can find links to our most recent catalogs and rights lists, book fairs, and featured new publications.

For more information or to inquire about specific books, contact us.

Please note that Guilford licenses translation to publishers only. Individuals with an interest in translating a Guilford work should contact a local publisher who might be interested.

If you have questions about permissions, please go to our permissions information page.

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Queries and Appointments

Throughout these unprecedented times, Guilford has continued to work with publishers around the world who are interested in acquiring the translation rights for our titles. We are happy to answer any questions by email, and we are also available to schedule virtual meetings online.

Finding Information on Guilford Titles

Guilford's comprehensive search engine (located in the top right corner of this page) makes it easy to look for specific authors, titles, catalog numbers, ISBNs, or keywords, or you can follow the subject area links on the left to find titles in Guilford's main fields.

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In addition, we are happy to recommend titles or send publishers reading copies upon request. Please take a look at the following featured new publications:

Coping with Cancer: DBT Skills to Manage Your Emotions—and Balance Uncertainty with Hope

Elizabeth Cohn Stuntz and Marsha M. Linehan
167 Pages
February 5, 2021

Written for cancer patients and survivors by a cancer survivor herself (Dr. Stuntz), this compassionate guide offers powerful skills for making difficult treatment decisions, managing overwhelming emotions, speaking up for your needs, tolerating distress, and living meaningfully, even during the darkest days. The authors apply dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), a proven psychological intervention developed specifically for the impossible situations of life, to the unique challenges of cancer for the first time. Dr. Linehan’s works have been translated widely.

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