Welcome to Guilford's permissions and copyrights page, where you will find all the information you need to request permission to use Guilford's copyrighted material.

Guilford has partnered with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) to process many kinds of permission requests, including academic coursepack and republication uses. The CCC is the fastest way to clear permission, and most uses can be cleared right on their website.

Request Permission

If your request cannot be cleared by the CCC, such as clinical trial studies, you may apply directly to Guilford Press for permission. To request permission, please fill out and submit the relevant permission form:

Or you may mail your request to: Guilford Press, 370 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1200, New York NY 10001, or fax: 1-212-966-6708, or email permissions@guilford.com.

Due to the large volume we receive, requests sent to Guilford Press will take two to three weeks to process. Please note that Guilford's response time to each request depends upon accuracy and completeness of the form you have filled out.

Permission is not considered granted except by written communication from Guilford Press or the CCC, and when any fees are paid.

Information to Include in the Request

Electronic Texts for Students with Disabilities

Qualified students can order most Guilford titles directly from Bookshare, the online library for people with print disabilities.

We are also pleased to offer electronic copies (ePub or ePDF) of textbooks to Accessibility or Disability Support Service offices, for use by students or instructors with disabilities, at no additional cost. Direct your written request to:

Guilford Press
Attn: Customer Service
370 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1200
New York, NY 10001
fax: 212 966 6708
email: info@guilford.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of things do I need to request permission for?

You need to obtain permission from Guilford to quote from or to reuse/adapt materials found in our books, journals, and videos. Some examples of materials are prose selections, figures or tables, full chapters, video frames, etc. Examples of reuses include books, dissertations, articles, conference or workshop materials, student course packs, etc. Permission is required even if you do not intend to charge for the use of the material. There is no set number of words or lines that may be used without our written permission. If you are not sure, it is best to request permission. We reserve the right to deny permission for certain Guilford products. If the material in the Guilford title is labeled "reprinted from" or "reused with permission," that means we do not control the rights to the material and you are advised to contact the source cited.

How long will it take to get permission?

Due to the large volume, requests to Guilford Press will take two to three weeks to process. Please note that Guilford's response time to each request depends upon accuracy and completeness of the form you have filled out. If your deadline is sooner, please notify us and we will try to accommodate your needs. The fastest way to clear the permission is through the Copyright Clearance Center.

Are there fees involved?

We charge reasonable fees depending on the nature of the use. If you feel there is a reason that you should not be charged, please include that information with your request. If in our opinion your request falls under the guidelines of Fair Use, we will let you know, and there will be no charge. The Guilford title must be properly cited in all cases.

Do you allow materials to be posted on Internet sites?

Permission to post materials on an Internet site is processed the same way as print permission. You must obtain written permission from Guilford before you post the material on any Internet or Intranet site. Permission is required even if your website can be accessed at no charge or is password protected. Please include the URL where the material will be posted and information on how the material will be used.


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