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Collection Development

Product Page:

Every Guilford product page features a brief description (plus audience and classroom use), table of contents, author/editor information, sample chapter, Google Search box, reviews, and awards. Use the handy Share button on any book's page for faculty or library colleagues.

Bestseller Lists:

View Guilford's bestseller lists by subject area or go directly to the specific lists that are relevant for your needs:

Academic Libraries: bestsellers in Psychology, Education, Research Methods, or Social Sciences.
Public Libraries: bestsellers in Consumer Trade (self-help and general interest).
School Libraries: bestsellers in Education, including literacy.

Journals & Newsletters

Visit Guilford's Journals & Newsletters page for a complete list of our journals and newsletters; FAQs; and information on rates, renewals, online access, sample issues, and back issues. You can also view a price list. Place your journal and newsletter orders through your preferred journal agent or directly from Guilford.


Visit our e-book page for librarians, which includes links to vendors carrying hundreds of Guilford e-books. All e-books sold on our site are for individual personal use.

Guilford's workflow for accessible ePub e-books has been accredited as Global Certified Accessible (GCA) by Benetech. GCA is the first-ever program to certify the accessibility of e-books. We currently offer several certified accessible ePubs meeting WCAG 2.0 AA standards. Check with your vendor to confirm they are offering Guilford's certified accessible ePubs. Going forward, we are transitioning toward designing all of our e-book formats and editions with accessibility elements.

Emails for Librarians

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Series Information and Continuations

Guilford has many acclaimed series (note, we do not have numbered series):


Contact your preferred supplier:

Company NameWeb
Baker & Taylorwww.btol.com
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Gobi Library Serviceswww.gobi.ebsco.com
Ingram Library Serviceswww.ingramlibrary.com
Login Canadawww.lb.ca
Matthews Book Companywww.matthewsbooks.com
Midwest Library Servicewww.midwestls.com


Visit our conference page for a list of upcoming meetings we are attending.


Visit Guilford's publicity page for information on Guilford authors and titles in the news.


Look for Guilford on Edelweiss. Alternatively, visit Guilford's catalog page to order a print catalog in any subject area we publish in or to download a PDF.

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Sales Director: Anne Patota, 800-365-7006, ext. 217, or Anne.Patota@guilford.com

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