Emotional Development in Young Children

Susanne A. Denham

July 23, 1998
ISBN 9781572303607
Price: $34.00
260 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

This book will be replaced by The Development of Emotional Competence in Young Children, forthcoming in March 2023.
The ability to express, understand, and regulate emotions is a crucial element in individual functioning and interpersonal interaction. This important volume presents a fresh look at early child development by exploring the very beginnings of emotional competence in young children. What do toddlers and preschoolers understand about their own and other people's feelings? What are the connections between emotions, socialization, and healthy relationships? How do changes in other areas of development, like cognition, fuel emotional competencies? What problems ensue when emotional development is delayed, and how can they be ameliorated? Including numerous case studies, original findings, and an extensive review of the literature, the book sheds light on the emotional experience of the very young and points toward exciting directions for future research.