Everyday Talk

Second Edition
Building and Reflecting Identities

Karen Tracy and Jessica S. Robles

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July 31, 2013
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August 30, 2013
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This engaging text explores how everyday talk—the ordinary kinds of communicating that people do in schools, workplaces, and among family and friends—expresses who we are and who we want to be. The authors interweave rhetorical and cultural perspectives on the “little stuff” of conversation: what we say and how we say it, the terms used to refer to others, the content and style of stories we tell, and more. Numerous detailed examples show how talk is the vehicle through which people build relationships. Students gain skills for thinking more deeply about their own and others' communicative practices, and for understanding and managing interactional difficulties.

New to This Edition
  • Updated throughout to incorporate the latest discourse analysis research.
  • Chapter on six specific speech genres (for example, organizational meetings and personal conversation).
  • Two extended case studies with transcripts and discussion questions.
  • Coverage of digital communication, texting, and social media.
  • Additional cross-cultural examples.
Pedagogical Features
  • A preview and summary in every chapter.
  • Accessible explanations of core concepts.
  • End-of-book glossary.
  • Endnotes that identify key authors and suggest further reading.