Theory, Research, and Practice

Edited by Michael E. McCullough, Kenneth I. Pargament, and Carl E. Thoresen

December 21, 1999
ISBN 9781572305106
Price: $95.00
334 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
August 28, 2001
ISBN 9781572307117
Price: $45.00
334 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

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Bringing together a distinguished array of researchers and scholars, this volume reviews the breadth of current knowledge on the psychology of forgiveness. In addition to presenting cutting-edge theory and research, the book outlines crucial issues that must be addressed to advance the state of the science in years to come. The first section provides a historical and conceptual overview, examining definitional problems and giving special attention to religious and cultural influences on how forgiveness is understood and experienced. The biological, developmental, social, and personality foundations of forgiveness are then explored. The final section covers applications in clinical research and practice, including guidelines for studying and applying forgiveness-based strategies in psychotherapy, counseling, and interventions to promote health. This volume will be of interest to a broad interdisciplinary audience of researchers, educators, students, and practicing professionals.