Handbook of Social Work with Groups

Second Edition

Edited by Charles D. Garvin, Lorraine M. Gutiérrez, and Maeda J. Galinsky

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June 26, 2017
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Introduction, Charles D. Garvin, Lorraine M. Gutiérrez, and Maeda J. Galinsky

I. Theoretical and Philosophical Foundations

1. Group Dynamics, Ronald W. Toseland

2. An Ecological/Systems/Seven C's Perspective on Group Practice, John E. Tropman

3. Social Group Work in a Global Context, Rebecca Smith, Justin Bucchio, & Barbara F. Turnage

4. An Empowerment Perspective, Margot Breton

5. Ethics and Values in Group Work, Allan E. Barsky & Helen Northen

6. Group Work and Socially Just Practice, R. M. Ortega

II. Principal Foundations of Group Practice Models

7. The Mutual Aid Model, Alex Gitterman

8. Cognitive-Behavioral Group Work, Richard Tolman & Craig W. LeCroy

III. Group Work Approaches Related to Purpose

9. Support and Self-Help Groups, Linda Farris Kurtz

10. Psychoeducational Groups, Jennifer Root

11. Social Work with Groups and Drug Abuse Prevention with Youth: Rich History and Untapped Potential, Flavio F. Marsiglia & Elizabeth Kiehne

IV. Group Work Approaches Related to Setting

12. Group Work in Health Care Settings, Brian L. Kelly

13. Evidence-Based Group Work in Mental Health Practice, Mary C. Ruffolo & Carolyn M. Maker

14. Involuntary Groups, Ronald Rooney & Michael Chovanec

15. Strengths-Based Group Work with Children and Adolescents, Andrew Malekoff

16. Group Work in Child Welfare, Barbara Rittner

17. Group-Based Approaches to Preventing Adolescent Substance Abuse: The State of Social Work Science, David Córdova, Francheska Alers-Rojas, Brian Perron, Christopher P. Salas-Wright, & Michael G. Vaughn

18. Groups for Older Adults, Ruth Campbell

19. Groups for Reducing Intergroup Conflicts, David Bargal

20. Group Interventions for Partner Abuse, Daniel G. Saunders

21. Group Work with Immigrants and Refugees, Izumi Sakamoto & Sidonia Couto

22. Intergroup Dialogue: Engaging Difference for Social Change, Biren (Ratnesh) A. Nagda

23. Group Work in the Shadow of Mass Incarceration, Reuben Jonathan Miller, Desmond Upton Patton, & Jorge Delva

V. Group Work in Organizational and Community Settings

24. Assessing and Strengthening Characteristics of Effective Groups in Community-Based Participatory Research Partnerships, Amy J. Schulz, Barbara A. Israel, & Paula Lantz

25. Participatory Research, Popular Education, and Popular Theatre: Contributions to Group Work, Janet L. Finn, Jillian Dean Campana, & Maxine Jacobson

26. Social Action Groups, Lee H. Staples

27. Group Process Dynamics and Skills in Interdisciplinary Teamwork, Laura R. Bronstein & Julie S. Abramson

28. Group Work with Working Groups, Paul H. Ephross, Thomas V. Vassil, & Steven R. Rose

VI. Group Work Research and Evaluation

29. Evaluation and Research Design, Larry M. Gant

30. Measurement Issues, Randy Magen

31. Qualitative Research, Susan Preston, Judy Hughes, & Michael R. Woodford

32. Intervention Research in Social Work with Groups, Mark J. Macgowan

VII. The Uses of Technology to Create Groups

33. Technology-Mediated Groups, Ronald Fitch

Epilogue, Charles D. Garvin, Lorraine M. Gutiérrez, and Maeda J. Galinsky