Music Therapy Handbook

Edited by Barbara L. Wheeler

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November 2, 2016
ISBN 9781462529728
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507 Pages
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Copyright Date: 2015
December 31, 2014
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Copyright Date: 2015
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“The Music Therapy Handbook could serve a number of different functions: (1) as a textbook used in a number of different courses in an undergraduate music therapy training program; (2) as a resource for clinical music therapists who are seeking more current, cutting-edge material on a particular topic or clinical approach; (3) as a supplementary text for music therapy academicians in order to add meaningful content to music therapy lectures; and (4) as a pertinent resource for music therapy researchers to provide scholarly information and additional salient references….One unique characteristic of this book is that most of the chapters in Sections II and III contain case examples that are based on music therapy practice with real clients. In addition, the content of each chapter follows a similar organizational outline, to provide for easier reading across chapters….With the publication of the Music Therapy Handbook, the music therapy profession may be moving away from introductory-level textbooks and into more comprehensive texts that can serve a multiplicity of purposes in music therapy training and practice….This reviewer highly recommends the incorporation of the Music Therapy Handbook into current music therapy education, and predicts that it will become one of the foundational texts in music therapy training in the near future.”

Journal of Music Therapy

“This book is, without a doubt, a must for any library as it is a vital resource for anyone interested in music therapy. Barbara Wheeler has, yet again, provided a book full of key issues that are currently occupying the field of music therapy. It is a thorough and very methodically constructed handbook….I would like to thank Barbara Wheeler for providing the music therapy community with a fine handbook. While there are many new books on music therapy, I think this comprehensive guide gathers an excellent variety of ideas and approaches in one volume and fits very well alongside the growing music therapy literature….A rich and well-constructed book.”

British Journal of Music Therapy

“The structure of the book, as it ranges from basic, broad information to specific clinical practice settings, lends itself well to use by students and professional music therapists, as well as non-music therapists with whom clinicians and researchers collaborate. Physicians, nurses, social workers, child life specialists, OTs and PTs, and other allied healthcare professionals may find the text particularly helpful. All of the chapters on specific clinical applications would make excellent resources for clinicians, educators, students, and researchers, and they could also be helpful information sources for non-music therapist stakeholders, including potential reimbursement agencies. I highly recommend this book for current students, individuals studying for the board certification exam, professional clinicians, and clinical and academic researchers needing a resource to share with non-music therapists.”

Music and Medicine

“The central highlight of this book is its applicability to a wide audience of readers….The book is equally compelling to music therapists through its contributions from international experts in their field and the discussion of contemporary issues confronting their profession….Wheeler’s inclusion of both traditional and contemporary perspective of music therapy adds to the book’s wide appeal….Wheeler’s Music Therapy Handbookis a dynamic, easy to read, comprehensive resource of contemporary music therapy theory and practice that offers an enormous contribution to music therapy. Its simplicity and applicability makes it an essential ready reference for students, health care workers, educators, and experienced music therapists alike.”

Australian Journal of Music Therapy

“Covers some of the richest topics and issues of our profession, and does so with great depth and scope. The volume embraces research, assessment, clinical applications, history, ethics, and diversity. It paints a portrait of the full array of music therapy approaches while covering the age spectrum of children to adults. Nothing is lacking. This is a dynamic, instructive, inspiring tool for anyone seeking insights and wisdom from leading music therapists. It is a powerful resource that should be kept close at hand.”

—Deforia Lane, PhD, MT-BC, Director of Art and Music Therapy, Seidman Cancer Center/University Hospitals Case Medical Center

“The most comprehensive work of its kind that I have seen. Synthesizing evidence-based approaches into a single volume helps to move music therapy beyond the untested and unproven and establish professional legitimacy and efficacy. Practitioners and educators get a clear view of the best therapeutic strategies for helping clients in the search for healing and wholeness.”

—Terry L. Singer, PhD, Dean, Kent School of Social Work, University of Louisville

“Wheeler’s Music Therapy Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of approaches to music therapy practice, covering a wide range of models that have influenced the profession. Numerous case vignettes throughout bring the material to life, offering the reader a vicarious taste of the breadth of practice, settings, and populations with whom music therapists work. Music therapy professionals and students will appreciate the accessibly written perspectives on theory and practice. For those in multidisciplinary practice, it will serve as a reference to help to determine what music therapy might bring to their health, education, or medical program.”

—Wendy Magee, PhD, Music Therapy Program, Temple University

“This welcome volume stands out because of its breadth of coverage and applicability. The choice of topics and their scholarly treatment will engage readers, whether they are novices to music therapy or very experienced. It will also be useful to professors and students at both graduate and undergraduate levels.”

—Robyn Flaum Cruz, PhD, BC-DMT, Division of Expressive Therapies, Lesley University

“Simply put, this is the most comprehensive text to date in our field. I am currently using portions of it in every undergraduate course I teach, and in some graduate courses as well. The contributors are an international 'who’s who' in music therapy, and the comprehensive references in each chapter serve as great bibliographies for anyone looking to do further research. I have no reservations about using this book in classes and recommending it as a reference to students preparing for internships, their board certification exam, or their future clinical careers.”

—Andrew Knight, PhD, MT-BC, Assistant Professor of Music Therapy, Colorado State University