Natural Causes

Essays in Ecological Marxism

James O'Connor

December 19, 1997
ISBN 9781572302730
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350 Pages
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I. History and Nature

Introduction to Part I

1. Culture, Nature, and the Materialist Conception of History

2. What Is Environmental History? Why Environmental History?

3. Three Ways to Look at the Ecological History and Cultural Landscapes of Monterey Bay

4. The Nature of Construction and the Construction of Nature at Fall Creek, Felton, California, 1860 1990: A Script

5. The Sales of Two Cities: Chicago and Los Angeles

II. Capitalism and Nature

Introduction to Part II

6. Some Observations on "Ecological Crisis"

7. The Conditions of Production and the Production of Conditions

8. The Second Contradiction of Capitalism, with an Addendum on the Two Contradictions of Capitalism

9. On Capitalist Accumulation and Economic and Ecological Crisis

10. Uneven and Combined Development and Ecological Crisis

11. Technology and Ecology

12. Murder on the Orient Express: The Political Economy of the Gulf War

13. British Rule in Shetland

14. Is Sustainable Capitalism Possible?

III. Socialism and Nature

Introduction to Part III

15. Socialism and Ecology

16. A Red Green Politics in the United States?

17. Flatland Politics

18. Think Globally, Act Locally? Toward an International Red-Green Movement

19. Ecology Movements and the State

20. The New Global Economy and One Alternative

21. What Is Ecological Socialism?