The Europeans

Second Edition
A Geography of People, Culture, and Environment

Robert C. Ostergren and Mathias Le Bossé

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March 6, 2011
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March 7, 2011
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June 15, 2011
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“This volume is an excellent general text for undergraduate students of geography and all others interested in a thorough introduction to this most important region. It is very well written, tightly edited and nicely structured so that it holds the reader's attention....This book's structure is refreshing and engaging....Virtually every important point made in the text is supplemented by a map, table, or photograph. The maps are especially clear, well chosen, and useful.”

Regional Studies

“This accessible text provides insights into historical and current issues in Europe, integrating concepts from physical, urban, political, and cultural geography. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of European geography and get useful suggestions for further reading. The new vignettes in the second edition illustrate concepts introduced in each chapter.”

—Micheline van Riemsdijk, Department of Geography, University of Tennessee

“Well written and admirably comprehensive, this book covers topics ranging from the retooling of the welfare state in formerly Communist countries, to continent-wide patterns of retailing, to religiosity and secularization. The authors reveal plenty of firsthand experience in the region. Updates in the second edition enhance what was already a fine textbook for undergraduate courses.”

—John Western, Department of Geography, Syracuse University

The Europeans has quickly become the standard textbook for undergraduate geography courses on the region and its people. Retaining the clear structure, accessible writing, and appealing layout that characterized its predecessor, this second edition has been thoroughly revised to cover recent developments in the region. In addition to dozens of new images and maps, each chapter is accompanied by new vignettes on diverse topics—including urbanization and environmental change, immigration and nationalism, energy use, and health care—which help bring the region and its people to life for students.”

—Joshua Hagen, Department of Geography, Marshall University

“A superb introduction to European geography, this text is impressive for its expansive breadth and meticulous attention to detail. Each chapter examines historic and contemporary features of a geographic theme, combining canonic knowledge of Europe with critical insights into the construction of our cultural perspectives. The clear and consistent structure, engaging writing, and informative illustrations make this book ideal for undergraduate education.”

—Paul Stangl, Department of Environmental Studies, Western Washington University