Trance on Trial

Alan W. Scheflin and Jerrold Lee Shapiro

August 4, 1989
ISBN 9780898623406
Price: $49.00
338 Pages
Size: 6⅛" x 9¼"

Therapists are increasingly called to court to testify as practitioners or expert witnesses. How does a non-legally trained hypnotherapist prepare for a court appearance? How does he or she handle direct and cross-examination? Written primarily for clinicians who practice hypnotherapy, Trance on Trial offers a comprehensive, authoritative evaluation of the use of hypnosis in the courts, as well as practical strategies for maximizing the legal rights of clients while minimizing the liabilities of practitioners. Illustrated with numerous case examples, enlivened by simulated direct and cross-examination exchanges, and extensively referenced to the legal and psychiatric literature, Trance on Trial is an invaluable resource.