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We are pleased to offer an extensive set of PowerPoint slides to accompany Robert Stock's Africa South of the Sahara, Third Edition: A Geographical Interpretation. You can download the slides corresponding to the chapters by clicking on the links below.


1. The Map of Africa
2. Imagining Africa: Roots of Western Perceptions of the Continent
3. Thinking about Development: Development Theory and Practice in the African Context

Culture and Society

4. African Culture: Diversity and Creativity
5. Societal Diversity: Language, Ethnicity, and Religion
6. Gender Dynamics: Men and Women in African Societies

The Physical Environment

7. Geology and Geomorphology of Africa
8. Africa’s Climate: Regions, Dynamics, and Change
9. Biogeography and Ecology

Africa in Historical Perspective

10. The African Past
11. The Colonial Legacy
12. Independent Africa: Politics and Development

Dynamics of Population

13. Population Distribution
14. Population Growth
15. Population Mobility

African Economies

16. Africa in the World Economy
17. National Economies: Strategies for Growth and Development
18. Prospects for Economic Integration

Rural Economies

19. Indigenous Food Production Systems
20. Agrarian Development and Change
21. Food Security

Urban Economies and Societies

22. The Evolution of Urban Structure
23. Urban Economies
24. Urban Living Environments


25. Mineral and Energy Resources
26. Water Resources
27. Flora and Fauna as Economic Resources

Social Geography

28. Living in Poverty
29. Social Policy: The Health Sector
30. Children in Africa: Prospects for the Next Generation

Conclusion: Which Future?

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