Supplemental Exercises

We are pleased to offer these exercises as an online supplement to GIS and Public Health, Second Edition, by Ellen K. Cromley and Sara L. McLafferty.

Click on a link below to download the zip file containing instructions and data for each exercise. Next, unzip the file to extract the exercise folder with instructions and data in various subfolders.

The folders provide instructions and data for using ArcGIS software to perform analyses relevant to public health research using approaches described in the text. The instructions are provided in .pdf files in the subfolder named "pdfs" in each exercise folder. The pdfs subfolder has two documents: one providing directions for ArcGIS version 9.3.1 and one providing directions for ArcGIS version 10. Users must acquire and install the GIS software on their own. ArcGIS is a product of ESRI and information about the software is available from their web site.

The data provided for each exercise are in the public domain. Information on the source of the data is provided in each exercise. Many of the databases are shapefiles, an open format, and can be used with other GIS and spatial analysis software.

List of Exercises


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