PowerPoint Slides

We are pleased to offer an extensive set of PowerPoint slides to accompany Judith A. Tyner's The World of Maps: Map Reading and Interpretation for the 21st Century.

You can download the slides corresponding to the chapters by clicking on the links below.

I. Map Reading Basics

1. Introduction: The Importance of Map Reading
2. Landmarks of Mapmaking
3. Map Basics
4. The Figure of the Earth and Coordinate Systems
5. Map Projections: The Round Earth on Flat Paper
6. The Earth from Above: Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation

II. Map Types and Their Analysis

7. Virtual Maps and GPS
8. Topographic Maps
9. Thematic Maps
10. Maps for Navigation
11. Maps for Special Purposes

III. Putting It All Together

12. Map Interpretation
13. Epilogue: The Future of Maps and Map Reading