Most Guilford titles are available as e-books!

Most Guilford titles are available as e-books. For titles that are nearing publication, the e-book format(s) will be published simultaneously with the print edition.

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E-Book Collections:

The Guilford Core Psychology Collection is made up of 71 important titles specifically chosen for their topical relevance, critical acclaim, and/or groundbreaking impact across a range of subdisciplines in psychology. These books can support the research needs of undergraduate and graduate programs with either a research or clinical psychology focus. Several of the titles also will find use outside of the psychology curriculum, in related behavioral and social science disciplines. Authors include Aaron T. Beck, Russell A. Barkley, Marsha M. Linehan, William R. Miller, and other leading researchers and clinical practitioners.

The Guilford Core Self-Help Collection comprises 21 science-based yet highly accessible titles that help general readers find solutions to everyday problems in parenting, family relationships, and child and adult mental health. These books share the same high production standards and author caliber as Guilford's professional titles. The collection features titles by David J. Miklowitz (on bipolar disorder), Russell A. Barkley (on ADHD and childhood defiance), William R. Miller (on alcohol moderation), plus many other prominent authorities.

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