Science & Society

A Journal of Marxist Thought and Analysis

Edited by David Laibman

ISSN: 00368237
Volume 84, 2020
Issues Per Year: 4

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Editorial Board
Renate Bridenthal, Russell Dale*, Raju Das*, Sheila Delany*, Frank T. Fitzgerald, Barbara Foley*, Julio Huato*, Timothy V Johnson, Sharryn Kasmir, David Laibman*, Gerald Meyer, Paul Mishler, Kirstin Munro*, Deborah Mutnick, John P. Pittman, William I. Robinson, Juan Rodriguez Barrera*, Rachel Rubin*, Shana Russell*, David Schwartzman, Alan Shandro, Gregory Slack*, Jim Smethurst*, Lise Vogel*, Alan Wald
*Manuscript Review Collective

Advisory Board
Younes Abouyoub, Tom Brass, Karen Brodkin, Paul Browne, Paul Buhle, John Callaghan, Alex Callinicos, Al Campbell, Alan Carling, Blanche Wiesen Cook, Teresa Ebert, John Ehrenberg, Steve Ellner, Roberta Garner, Martha Gimenez, Ellen Hazelkorn, John Hoffman, Justin Holt, Gerald Horne, E. K. Hunt, Roger Keeran, Kimberly Macellaro, Leith Mullings, August H. Nimtz, Bertell Ollman, Mel Rothenberg, David Schwartzman, Julius Sensat, Ednaldo A. Silva, Tony Smith, Mark Solomon, Hobart A. Spalding, Jr., Margaret Stevens, Yanis Varoufakis, Basil Wilson

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