U.S. Returns:

Guilford Press - Returns
c/o Maple Logistics Solutions
60 Grumbacher Rd/I-83 Industrial Park
York, PA 17406

Canada Returns:

Guilford Press - Returns
c/o Georgetown Terminal Warehouse
34 Armstrong Ave
Georgetown, ON L7G 4R9

Period of Eligibility: Life of edition plus 180 days. No overstock returns prior to 90 days from invoice date.

Credit: Credit allowed only on items in salable condition. Full credit with invoice information; otherwise, maximum discount and lowest price apply. Returns for credit against past or future invoices only. Returns of a single title in excess of 50% of the quantity on the original invoice will be credited at 10% above the original discount given. This restocking fee applies only on invoices where 10 copies or more of a single title are ordered. Restocking fee is waived in cases where Guilford asks the reseller to take additional stock.

Overstock Returns: Shipments must include a packing slip that identifies the following: firm returning the items; quantity of each item returned; invoice number; date of invoice. Returns that lack invoice information will be credited at the highest discount on our schedule and lowest historical price. A 10% surcharge will be applied to credits for returns shipped to our New York office. Customers are advised to use traceable shipping methods.

Damaged/Defective Returns, Shortages, or Incorrect Shipments: Please notify Customer Service within 30 days of receipt, specify replacement or credit with your returns, and be sure to include a packing slip or copy of the original invoice. Please specify the reason for the return.