Welcome to the Product Search Help page.

To search within the full content of Guilford titles, please try using Google Book Search. If you are looking for a particular author, try the Meet our Authors page.

The instructions below pertain to searching the product catalog on the Guilford website. You may search by author/editor, title, ISBN/ISSN, catalog number, keywords, or all fields, combined.

Our search engine is case-insensitive. To search on multiple words, separate the words with spaces, as in child family. To search for a specific phrase, use quotation marks around the phrase, as in "personality disorders".

Search by author/editor
To search by author or editor, you may simply use the author's or editor's last name (as in Barkley), use their first and last name (as in Russell Barkley), or use their complete name, if they use a middle initial (as in Russell A. Barkley). You can also use the Meet our Authors page to search only by author name.

Search by title
To search by title, you may either enter a few words from the title, as in ADHD children, enter a string from the title, in quotation marks, such as "Children with ADHD", or enter the entire title, if you are sure of it, as in Homework Success for Children with ADHD (with or without quotes).

Search by ISBN/ISSN
To search by ISBN or ISSN, just enter the number, with or without dashes, as in 978-1462516995 or 9781462516995. For a book in both paperback and hardcover, you may enter either ISBN.

Search by keyword
To search by keyword, enter each keyword, separated by spaces, as in addictions family. The search engine will return any product that has all of the keywords you enter. To search on a keyword phrase, enclose the phrase in quotation marks, as in "personality disorders". You may combine phrases and single keywords, as in "social work" child.

Search all fields
To search for your search term in all fields, just enter the word or phrase. Your search will return any products that match all of your search terms, in any field. For instance, if you know the book you are looking for has to do with Theodore Millon or the Millon Inventories, but don't know if the book is by or about Millon, you could search all fields for Millon and find any book by or about Millon or the Millon Inventories.

If your search results in too many or too few products, try narrowing or expanding your search terms.