Assessing and Managing Violence Risk in Juveniles

Randy Borum and David Verhaagen

August 1, 2006
ISBN 9781593853228
Price: $45.00
226 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

“This is a clearly written book targeted to a wide audience of professionals who are challenged to clinically assess violent youths and predict the risk of future violence.”

Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

“A practical and accessible resource for any mental health practitioner working with youth at risk for violent behavior. It presents a comprehensive framework for evaluating juveniles in the justice system or those whose behavior in school, therapy sessions, or other contexts raises concern about violence. Detailed case examples illustrate the authors' scientifically grounded approach to selecting appropriate instruments, analyzing and communicating assessment results, and designing effective inventions.”


“A 'state of the art' review of what is now known regarding risk assessment and treatment of offenders. It is an important book for anyone working in the field or wishing to do so. It could be a valuable addition to any graduate psychology program in which there is a dual track of Clinical and Forensic psychology.”

Child and Family Behavior Therapy

“Takes on the difficult task of synthesizing developmental findings into state-of-the-art principles and processes in the assessment of violence risk....The material presented is current, clear, and easily accessible; the authors infuse the text with a variety of good case illustrations and provide several examples of step-by-step assessment procedures and clinical interview questions....Will have appeal for practitioners in the field as well as youth violence researchers concerned with the applications of their work....Will have excellent application as a graduate-level text for trainees in a variety of mental health disciplines learning the process of youth violence risk assessment.”


“This book delivers. The authors present a comprehensive framework that helps clinicians to better understand violence in juveniles, assess the risk factors associated with juvenile violence, and develop effective interventions to manage or reduce their influence....An excellent book that is very practical and informative. The issues and themes discussed fit right in with what those of us who deal with juvenile violence see everyday. Not only does this book provide an excellent comprehensive guide to effective assessment and management of violence risk in juveniles, but also a framework within which to view the assessment and management of risk in general and a template for designing appropriate treatments and providing meaningful supports. I highly recommend this book to all professionals who work with individuals who are at risk for interaction with the legal or mental health system.”

Journal of Child and Family Studies

“This work establishes a sound foundation for best practices in the evaluation of potentially aggressive youths. Speaking directly to mental health examiners, Borum and Verhaagen satisfy the clinician's need for a realistic way to meet the mandates of evidence-based practice in this area. Their advice is comprehensive, clear, concise, and creative. There is value in this work for all who perform these evaluations, from beginners to seasoned professionals.”

—Thomas Grisso, PhD, Department of Psychiatry (Emeritus), University of Massachusetts Medical School

“Is a given juvenile likely to be violent, and if so, what should be done to prevent it? Clinicians perplexed by these questions now can find invaluable guidance in this concise but comprehensive manual. Borum and Verhaagen offer down-to-earth suggestions for assessment and clinical management, based on the latest research and leavened with much clinical wisdom. Every mental health professional working with juveniles should read—and reread—this book.”

—Paul S. Appelbaum, MD, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

“A practical and cogent guide to handling one of the most vexing issues in clinical practice today. Borum and Verhaagen provide a clear and up-to-date overview of research on juvenile violence; describe a comprehensive, evidence-based model for conducting violence risk assessments; and offer seasoned guidance for designing effective interventions to reduce violence risk. This is a book that deserves wide adoption in the classroom and that needs to be within arm’s reach of every clinician who deals with children and adolescents.”

—John Monahan, PhD, Shannon Distinguished Professor of Law, Psychology, and Psychiatry, University of Virginia

Assessing and Managing Violence Risk in Juveniles is an extraordinary resource for professionals responsible for conducting risk assessments and designing effective intervention plans to address the needs of youth. Grounded in research and theory, this book provides important foundational knowledge and outlines a comprehensive approach to assessing and managing violence risk in juveniles.”

—Shane R. Jimerson, PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara