Assessment of Addictive Behaviors

Second Edition

Edited by Dennis M. Donovan and G. Alan Marlatt

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December 26, 2007
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Copyright Date: 2005
October 15, 2013
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Copyright Date: 2005
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1. Assessment of Addictive Behaviors for Relapse Prevention, Dennis M. Donovan

2. Assessment of Addictive Behaviors in Ethnic-Minority Cultures, Arthur W. Blume, Osvaldo F. Morera, and Berenice García de la Cruz

3. Assessment of Alcohol Problems, Ned L. Cooney, Ronald M. Kadden, and Howard R. Steinberg

4. Assessment of Smoking Behavior, William G. Shadel and Saul Shiffman

5. Assessment of Cocaine Abuse and Dependence, Kathleen M. Carroll and Samuel A. Ball

6. Assessment of Amphetamine Use Disorders, Richard A. Rawson, Ruthlyn Sodano, and Maureen Hillhouse

7. Assessment of Opioid Use, James Westphal, David A. Wasserman, Carmen L. Masson, and James L. Sorensen

8. Assessment of Cannabis Use Disorders, Robert S. Stephens and Roger A. Roffman

9. Assessment of Club Drug, Hallucinogen, Inhalant, and Steroid Use and Misuse, Jason R. Kilmer, Rebekka S. Palmer, and Jessica M. Cronce

10. Assessment of Eating Disorders and Obesity, R. Lorraine Collins and Lina A. Ricciardelli

11. Assessment of Gambling-Related Disorders, Howard J. Shaffer and Christopher R. Freed

12. Assessment of Sexual Offenders: A Model for Integrating Dynamic Risk Assessment and Relapse Prevention Approaches, Jennifer G. Wheeler, William H. George, and Kari A. Stephens

13. Assessment of Sexually Risky Behaviors, William H. George, Tina M. Zawacki, Jane M. Simoni, Kari A. Stephens, and Kristen P. Lindgren