Behavior Change in the Classroom

Self-Management Interventions

Edward S. Shapiro and Christine L. Cole

February 25, 1994
ISBN 9780898623666
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204 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

“Well written, organized, and user-friendly....[This is] a thoughtful, informative and practical resource for the school-based practitioner.”

Contemporary Psychology

“Like many interventions, self-management is not widely used in classrooms even though we know it works. The gap between research and practice can sometimes be bridged by providing teachers with a resource that translates research into a practical "how-to" format. Drs. Shapiro and Cole have created such a resource in this text. They have done so through a balance of both scholarly and applied information, so that educators know the "whys" as well as the "hows" of self-management.”

—Charles A. Hughes, Ph.D., Penn State University

“The problems educators are facing today are enormous. Traditional strategies are not sufficient to address our contemporary challenges. We need to identify and cultivate innovative strategies that hold promise for classroom use. Self-Management Interventions for Classroom Behavior Change by Shapiro and Cole does an outstanding job of presenting practitioners with a review of self-management intervention strategies. These methods enable students to play a more active role in improving their own academic achievement and classroom behaviors. The authors present in both a clear and useful manner descriptions of various self-management classroom strategies, the empirical support for these strategies, and practical issue involved in designing and implementing these strategies. These authors have done an excellent job of showing how research demonstrations of self-management technology can be translated into effective practice.”

—John W. Fantuzzo, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

“Students that are self-motivated, responsible, and self-directed is what everyone wants for their students, but these are characteristics that are hard to attain. These are difficult concepts to define and even more difficult to teach. Ed Shapiro's and Chris Cole's new book on self-management reads like a road map in practically teaching these skills to the most difficult students. This book is scholarly, but at the same time gives step-by-step instructions in teaching self-management for academic performance, problem solving, stress management, and social skills. I highly recommend the book for regular and special educators for classroom. It is also an excellent tool for guidance personnel who want to make a meaningful impact in educating students to be more self-directed and responsible. This book is a practical gem.”

—William R. Jensen, Ph.D., University of Utah