Beyond Decoding

The Behavioral and Biological Foundations of Reading Comprehension

Edited by Richard K. Wagner, Christopher Schatschneider, and Caroline Phythian-Sence

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June 19, 2009
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March 1, 2011
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I. Cognitive Approaches

1. Language and Body, Michael P. Kaschak, John L. Jones, Jacqueline M. Coyle, and Andrea Sell

2. Eye Movements and Moment-to-Moment Comprehension Processes in Reading, Keith Rayner and Timothy J. Slattery

3. The Influence of In-Text Instruction on Declarative Knowledge and Vocabulary Learning in Struggling Readers: How IQ Confounds the Story, Donald L. Compton, Amy M. Elleman, Natalie G. Olinghouse, Jane Lawrence, Emily Bigelow, Jennifer K. Gilbert, and G. Nicole Davis

II. Developmental Approaches

4. How Children Read for Comprehension: Eye Movements in Developing Readers, Ralph Radach, Christiane Schmitten, Lisa Glover, and Lynn Huestegge

5. Reading between the Lines: Developmental and Individual Differences in Cognitive Processes in Reading Comprehension, Paul van den Broek, Mary Jane White, Panayiota Kendeou, and Sarah Carlson

6. The Roles of Fluent Decoding and Vocabulary in the Development of Reading Comprehension, Kanu Priya and Richard K. Wagner

III. Individual-Differences Approaches

7. Reading Comprehension Development from 8 to 14 Years: The Contribution of Component Skills and Processes, Kate Cain and Jane Oakhill

8. Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary: What’s the Connection?, Kate Nation

9. Examining the Decision Reliability and Validity of Three Reading Fluency Measures for Predicting Outcomes on Statewide Reading Accountability Tests, Jose M. Castillo, Joseph K. Torgesen, Kelly A. Powell-Smith, and Stephanie Al-Otaiba

IV. Biological-Based Approaches

10. Assessment and Etiology of Individual Differences in Reading Comprehension, Janice M. Keenan, Richard K. Olson, and Rebecca S. Betjemann

11. Genes, Environments, and the Development of Early Reading Skills, Stephen A. Petrill

12. Examining Sources of Poor Comprehension in Older Poor Readers: Preliminary Findings, Issues, and Challenges, Sarah H. Eason and Laurie E. Cutting

V. Epilogue

13. Promising Interfaces, Richard K. Wagner, Christopher Schatschneider, and Caroline Phythian-Sence