Body Image

Second Edition
A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention

Edited by Thomas F. Cash and Linda Smolak

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June 1, 2011
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I. Conceptual Foundations

1. Understanding Body Images: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, Thomas F. Cash and Linda Smolak

2. Sociocultural Perspectives on Human Appearance and Body Image, Marika Tiggemann

3. Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Appearance and Body Image, Viren Swami

4. Genetic and Neuroscientific Perspectives on Body Image, Jessica L. Suisman and Kelly L. Klump

5. Cognitive-Behavioral Perspectives on Body Image, Thomas F. Cash

6. Feminist Perspectives on Body Image, Nita Mary McKinley

7. Positive Psychology Perspectives on Body Image, Tracy L. Tylka

II. Developmental Perspectives and Influences

8. Body Image Development in Childhood, Linda Smolak

9. Body Image Development in Adolescent Girls, Eleanor H. Wertheim and Susan J. Paxton

10. Body Image Development in Adolescent Boys, Lina A. Ricciardelli and Marita P. McCabe

11. Body Image Development in Adulthood, Sarah Grogan

12. Media Influences on Body Image, Michael P. Levine and Kelsey Chapman

13. Interpersonal and Familial Influences on the Development of Body Image, Diane Carlson Jones

14. Sexual Abuse and Body Image, Linda Smolak

III. Body Image Assessment

15. Crucial Considerations in the Assessment of Body Image, Thomas F. Cash

16. Body Image Assessment of Children, Andrew J. Hill

17. Perceptual Measures of Body Image for Adolescents and Adults, Rick M. Gardner

18. Attitudinal Assessment of Body Image for Adolescents and Adults, Jessie E. Menzel, Ross Krawczyk, and J. Kevin Thompson

IV. Individual and Cultural Differences

19. Gender and Body Images, Sarah K. Murnen

20. Obesity and Body Image in Youth, Dianne Neumark-Sztainer

21. Obesity and Body Image in Adulthood, Janet D. Latner and Rebecca E. Wilson

22. Body Image and Muscularity, Donald R. McCreary

23. Body Image and Athleticism, Trent A. Petrie and Christy Greenleaf

24. Gay and Lesbian Body Images, Todd G. Morrison and Jessica M. McCutcheon

25. African American Body Images, Debra L. Franko and James P. Roehrig

26. Asian American Body Images, Kathleen Y. Kawamura

27. Hispanic/Latino Body Images, Deborah Schooler and Lynda S. Lowry

28. Body Images in Non-Western Cultures, Eileen P. Anderson-Fye

29. Body Image and Congenital Conditions Resulting in Visible Difference, Nichola Rumsey and Diana Harcourt

V. Body Image Dysfunctions and Disorders

30. Body Image and Social Functioning, Stacey Tantleff-Dunn and Danielle M. Lindner

31. Body Image and Sexual Functioning, Michael W. Wiederman

32. Body Image and Anorexia Nervosa, Sherrie Selwyn Delinsky

33. Body Image and Bulimia Nervosa, Janis H. Crowther and Nicole M. Williams

34. Body Image and Binge-Eating Disorder, Joshua I. Hrabosky

35. Body Image and Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Katharine A. Phillips

36. Body Image and Appearance- and Performance-Enhancing Drug Use, Tom Hildebrandt and Justine Lai

VI. Body Image Issues in Medical Contexts

37. Body Image Issues in Dermatology, Andrew R. Thompson

38. Body Image Issues in Oncology, Craig A. White and Caroline Hood

39. Body Image Issues in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Helen Skouteris

40. Body Image Issues in Rheumatology, Meenakshi Jolly

41. Body Image Issues Associated with Burn Injuries, John W. Lawrence and James A. Fauerbach

VII. Changing the Body: Medical, Surgical, and Other Approaches

42. Weight Loss and Changes in Body Image, David B. Sarwer, Rebecca J. Dilks, and Jacqueline C. Spitzer

43. Exercise and Changes in Body Image, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, and Rebecca L. Bassett

44. Body Art and Body Image, Leeana Kent

45. Cosmetic Surgery and Changes in Body Image, David B. Sarwer, Canice E. Crerand, and Leanne Magee

46. Body Image and Biomedical Interventions for Disfiguring Conditions, Diana Harcourt and Nichola Rumsey

VIII. Changing Body Images: Psychosocial Interventions for Treatment and Prevention

47. Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches to Body Image Change, Josée L. Jarry and Thomas F. Cash

48. Experiential Approaches to Body Image Change, Judith Ruskay Rabinor and Marion Bilich

49. School-Based Psychoeducational Approaches to Prevention, Jennifer A. O'Dea and Zali Yager

50. Computer-Based Approaches to Prevention, Hannah Weisman, Jakki Bailey, Andrew Winzelberg, and C. Barr Taylor

51. Ecological and Activism Approaches to Prevention, Niva Piran and Nina Mafrici

52. Public Policy Approaches to Prevention, Susan J. Paxton

IX. Conclusions and Directions

53. Future Challenges for Body Image Science, Practice, and Prevention, Linda Smolak and Thomas F. Cash