Breaking Through to Teens

Psychotherapy for the New Adolescence

Ron Taffel

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May 14, 2010
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Copyright Date: 2005
March 1, 2011
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Copyright Date: 2005
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1. Context: The New Adolescence and a New Treatment Paradigm

2. First Meeting: Getting Teens to Talk

3. Foundation: What's Necessary to Build a Helping Relationship with Teens

4. The Core: Healing the Divided Self of 21st-Century Teens

5. Direction: Advice as Essential to Helping Teens Change Behavior and Attitudes

6. The Gray Zone: The Truth about Lying to Therapists and Other Child Professionals

7. Treatment Unbound: Creating "Flexible Confidentiality"

8. The Parent Trap: Childrearing Advice as Essential to Helping Parents Change Behavior

9. Stuck: How to Conduct a "Focused Family Session"

10. The Village: Bringing Friends into Treatment

11. The Real in Relational: Challenging Ourselves to Stay Three-Dimensional with Teens