Closing the Literacy Gap

Accelerating the Progress of Underperforming Students

Thomas G. Gunning
Foreword by Raven Jones Stanbrough

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July 12, 2022
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June 16, 2022
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May 13, 2022
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“A ‘must-have’ for teachers, paraeducators, administrators, psychologists, and other school personnel….This book provides readers with recent educational research, evidence-based programs, and additional resources that are instrumental in building the foundation for a successful literacy program that meets each student at their individual level, no matter their background.”

NASP Communiqué

“Literacy is an issue of equity. Students who are less proficient in reading and writing are likely to be disadvantaged for life in many important areas. This book presents an eminently readable and practical approach to closing the literacy gap, from an author who knows his stuff. Gunning has spent his career working with underperforming schools and struggling readers. He offers actionable approaches and resources that can make a true difference in the literacy lives of all students—especially those about whom we worry most.”

—Timothy Rasinski, PhD, Professor of Literacy Education, and Rebecca Tolle and Burton W. Gorman Chair in Educational Leadership, Kent State University

“This book is a great tool that should be a go-to for teachers, curriculum coaches, and administrators. Gunning provides a roadmap for creating an equitable reading program that meets students where they are and gives them the best opportunity to grow in their reading. I definitely will be returning to, highlighting, and sticky-noting this book!”

—Kari Richards, MEd, fifth-grade teacher, Carmel Elementary School, Clarksville, Tennessee

“This book is chock-full of valuable resources for classroom teachers, reading specialists, and teacher educators who want to train and motivate prospective literacy interventionists. Gunning presents a variety of free and commercial options for teaching phonics, comprehension, writing, and fluency. Whether novice or experienced, digitally savvy or technologically challenged, teachers will uncover 'just-right' strategies, texts, and technology resources to address the needs of particular students. Reading this book is like having the author right there in the room with you to share his deliberate, strategic, and contextualized approach to accelerating students' learning.”

—Karen C. Waters, EdD, College of Education, Sacred Heart University