Cognitive and Behavioral Rehabilitation

From Neurobiology to Clinical Practice

Edited by Jennie Ponsford

January 23, 2004
ISBN 9781572309906
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366 Pages
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Introduction, Jennie Ponsford

1. Neuronal Organization and Change after Neuronal Injury, Bryan Kolb and Jan Cioe

2. Mechanisms of Cortical Plasticity after Neuronal Injury, Bryan Kolb

3. Rehabilitation of Nonspatial Attention, Jennie Ponsford and Catherine Willmott

4. Disorders of Memory, Elizabeth L. Glisky

5. Rehabilitation of Language Disorders, Stephen E. Nadeau and Leslie J. Gonzalez Rothi

6. Disorders of Spatial Orientation and Awareness: Unilateral Neglect, Anne Aimola Davies

7. Disorders of Executive Functioning and Self-Awareness, Gary R. Turner and Brian Levine

8. Disorders of Behavior, Nick Alderman

9. Rehabilitation Following Traumatic Brain Injury and Cerebrovascular Accident, Jennie Ponsford

Concluding Comments, Jennie Ponsford